Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Cool Car I Have Owned, (continued)

If you look around on my blog, you will find another article with the similar title.  I just traded in my 2008 Scion xB for a 2012 Honda Accord.

To the right, you will see the Scion xB I just traded in on a new Honda Accord.  I really have a hard time trying to decide which one I really like better, the Scion xB, or the Honda Accord.

"Pugsly," my Scion is for sale on the used car lot at Honda of Temecula, along with other good cars they have taken in trade.  Be assured, they don't keep just any trade in for that lot.  Most go to the auction.  They only keep the cream of the crop for resale on their lots. She has just over 50K miles, and only under 6,000 miles on her in the past 16 months, too.

Here's my new car.  They are both really good vehicles, with good reports on both.

If I had anything to do with who buys my Scion, I would make sure that "Pugsly" (the Scion) gets a good, loving home.  It a vehicle with lots of get up and go, and it can easily pass anything that is trying to hog the road, or holding up traffic, too.

If you are interested in my sweet little Scion, go to Honda of Temecula, and ask for Brandon.  He's the salesman who made my deal.  Tell him you want to see "Puglsy the Scion." Honda of Temecula and also known as DCH Honda, and DCH Honda of Temecula, as well.  They made a good deal for me, and I'm sure you will also get treated well by Brandon, too.


  1. The choices are from the far ends of the spectrum, and I am also having a hard time taking my pick. I like the Scion’s distinctive silhouette – a small and stylish wagon. On the other hand, the Accord is a special car. You can never, ever doubt the ingenuity and genius of Toyota in car-making. Whatever it is, don’t regret your pick. ;)

    Stelle Courney

  2. “…I would make sure that "Pugsly" (the Scion) gets a good, loving home.” – If I were you, I would also definitely do the same. Our car is like a precious baby. We only want the best for them, so it’s absolutely a no-no to hand it to some reckless guy. All the best to you, Helen! =)

    - Naomi Champy

  3. Your new car looks so pretty! I really like the color. What are you going to name your new car? I like the name Pugsly by the way. For some reason, it reminds of Harry Potter LOL! :p

    Miroslav Keller

  4. I’m sure that “Pugsly” is now happy with his new owner and quite ready for his new adventure. Both cars are beautiful in their own right. Your Scion looks simple and classy. This car has an ample passenger and cargo space that is ideal for family getaways. But the Accord is a good choice, too. Its powerful V6 engine can surely give you an exciting driving experience.

    -Erwin Calverley

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