Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Do You Feel About Tattoos?

Large Tattos
Tattoos are a very personal thing for many people. Most people with tattoos take pride in their display of tattooed body art.  However, many people who wear tattoos may also have difficulty in getting a job, if their tattoo is not covered by clothing.

I have seen both beautifully executed art in the form of tattoos as well as some pretty ghastly ones.  In my personal opinion, art is best displayed on walls and as statues.





I would not mark my body with tattooed art, but once, I did consider getting tattooed, permanent makeup done, for my eyebrows and eye liner.    But a friend did it, and it was messed up from the beginning.  Now, some years later, her "permanent makeup has faded to a gray/blue, which is more blue than gray, and it looks ridiculous on her, though she seems fine with it. 

Tattoos are expensive to apply, and even more expensive to remove, should you change your mind and decide to have them removed.  I understand it is also quite painful as well to have a tattoo done.  So, if you are dead set on getting an artistic tattoo, I would certainly suggest you first get a rather small on, and see not only how you like it, but also if you can bear the pain.  Some people are much more sensitive to pain than others.

Another consideration should be the fact that all tattoos eventually fade, and if you want it to stay, you may have to have it touched up ever several years.  If you notice the photo above, you can see the tattoo the arm of the male model, and see that is it noticeably faded, in comparison to his other tattoos.

I have a neighbor, "P" who has been an esthestician for many years, and a friend who has been a hair stylist, also for many years.  My neighbor is now an expert at applying permanent makeup.  My friend, "C.N." has been a stylist more than twenty years, and she would also like to take the course in applying permanent makeup.  I know she is very detail oriented, and would also do a very good job.   I really hate applying and wearing makeup, as it being so time consuming, now that I am older, it is even difficult to do, with my glasses on, or off.  Over the past ten years of so, I have been considering having my eyebrows and eyeliner done.  She said she would do mine as a combination of a favor, and her test to qualify, once she is ready for that part of the testing.  I know I can depend on her to do a nice application, so I am considering it again.

If you are considering getting permanent makeup done, I would recommend that you go to a qualified person, trained as esthestician who is not a tattoo artist, as the two may appear on the surface to be alike, but believe me, they are definitely not the same think at all.  You want to go to someone who is trained in applying makeup properly, not just someone who knows art tattoos.


  1. Tatoos are expensive...have you noticed how many people who are not gainfully employed have them? Many of them?
    Makes me wonder if there are any truly "poor" people in our country.

  2. Yes, they certainly costly, for sure. I've also seen more Harley Davidson Motorcycles within the past year, than in a very long while. Still, there are many people who don't wear tattoos who also spend lots of money on many other nonessentials. I was a bit surprised when I saw several people working at Walmart, and a few restaurants who also wore tattoos. Many doctors and lawyers also ride Harleys, too.

    I guess it's the earner's right to choose how they will spend their wages, just as it is for many actors and pop singers to snort coke, as well. I also know people, mostly men who got tattoos in their youth, who are straight laced, and old codgers now.

    It's like someone posted recently on FB, about in twenty or thirty years, there will be a whole lot of wrinkled old ladies, sporting sagging tattoos, too, as remainders and reminders of their younger days.