Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Are we too dependent on modern technology?

Modern technology has affected the lives of most people in the United States, as well as most all developed nations throughout the world.  While there are many who consider it absolutely necessary to their lives, other people say they simply refuse to use anything more than the telephone, and ATM machines.

You must have noticed that you can not go shopping without seeing that most every store now uses computer run systems for everything from scanning the UPC codes on packaging, to decided from which department the item originated, to how many of that item is left on store shelves.  Computers also are programmed to figure the tax on your purchases, as well as which items you are most likely to purchase in the future.  Your receipt will even print coupons to encourage you to purchase the same item at a later date, or to promote another manufacturer’s similar product. 

It is also true that even though computer technology has helped production of many industries, it has been at the cost of many people’s jobs as well.  Physician-controlled computerized implements and technology perform many surgical procedures.  Artificial joints are created using computerized systems, as are dental implants, as well.

GPS Tracking Grid
Even your clothing and you vehicle now bear bar codes that are read from varying distances by bar code readers provided to stores, as well as law enforcement, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, and mechanics who do auto repairs.  Your car is now equipped with satellite read GPS (ground positioning servers) that can help to locate a stolen vehicle, thanks to programs such as LOJACK. 

Law enforcement in many areas now have the ability to either turn off your car’s engine, or to freeze the electronics of your vehicle if they deem it necessary.  You cell phone in most cases can be tracked also by GPS which is now part of most if not all newer cell phones, too.

Your local electricity provider in many parts of the country have been replacing the old electric meters which we have all been familiar with two-way readable and controllable digital electric meters which also have the ability to judge how much electricity you use at any given time of day, as well as what appliances you use and when.  These can be controlled as the provider sees fit, to adjust or control when and how much electricity you are using.  If you fail to pay your bill, they can shut off your electricity by remote control, without even sitting foot on your property, too.  And, you don’t have an option, either. Little by little, all electric meters will be replaced by these new two-way meters.

What do you suppose would happen in the event of a solar flare blowing out even a few satellites that send and receive information and communication to and from various businesses on earth?  Many people as well as big business are concerned about that issue.  With millions of people depending on ATM machines to bank accounts, as well as the hundreds of millions of people who depend on cellular phones for everyday communications, exchanging photos, online banking, buying and selling stocks, etc. will all come to a standstill if even a few satellites are damaged or destroyed.  This could happen by accident, or by design, leading to practically nothing computerized working for days, months, or even years.  It is definitely worth thinking about.  What would you do if you lost all of your modern conveniences, such as even your microwave, television, satellite TV, etc?

Just last evening, there was a local news piece stating that our local nuclear power plant alerted that there was a leak.  It may or may not be significant, but look at what happened in Japan and at Chernobyl when those nuclear reactors malfunctioned for whatever reason.  Tens of thousands of people are no longer living.  There are families who have been changed forever, most who also are suffering ill affects from radiation that leaked from those plants which were once thought to be safe. 

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