Saturday, September 24, 2011

Which Would You Choose - International Travel for Life or One Free Trip into Space?

If I had a choice of one free trip into space, or free international travel here on earth for life, I would choose to travel internationally for the rest of my life, staying as long as I chose in any country to take in the sights, and sounds, as well as getting to know the people there. Man was made for the earth, and earth was made for man to live on, so it's out natural habitat. Our bodies are made of the minerals of the earth, as is our food, shelter and everything connected to our life. 

Most people have not even traveled very far from the place they were born, so a chance to see other places on this beautiful planet would be wonderful. Man knows more about space than he does the things in the sea. Just think about what wonders lie beneath the ocean's surface that man has only recently discovered. Now, consider what more is down there, just waiting to be discovered. Why just yesterday, in Huntington Beach, CA, USA, there were thousands of Humboldt squid invading the shoreline, and a person only had to drop his line into the water to catch several squid. I have lived in Southern California for more than fifty-six years, and this is the first time there has been such an event. Humboldt squid are larger than the smaller ones usually seen, or served in restaurants. The Humboldt squid can get as large as six feet long including it's tentacles.

There are so many things to see and do here on earth, and it's mans natural environment. We even have lovely jewels, such as diamonds and rubies, garnets, sapphires, emeralds, and even gold, which are not as difficult to find as some would have you believe, even in places in the United States. From the sea, we have lovely natural pearls. Even fresh water pearls are also a gift from planet earth, thanks to our Creator. 

Plants and animals in abundant varieties also abound on earth. People of many colors and lifestyles are scattered throughout the earth, with interesting styles of clothing, jewelry, and types of food, that may seem strange to us, but which is perfectly natural in many places right here on earth. So why would a person take what would be considered a trip of a lifetime, when there is so much to experience right here on our home planet? 

Think of all the animals you have seen in the zoo, that now you could possible see in their natural habitat.  Just imagine your heart skipping a beat while watching elephants and hippos and maybe rhinos in their natural settings.
Just think of all the wonderful variety of food and animals you have never tasted or even seen in person right here on this wonderfully designed planet.  Well, maybe you have seen some of the animals in a zoo, but not in their native habitat.  Foods available in our country may be somewhat like those eaten in other countries, but just imagine that you could actually go to those countries whenever you desire.  Imagine what it would be like to eat what the native residents of those countries eat while shopping or even what they must hunt for on a daily basis in many cases.  Have you ever eaten toasted grasshoppers, or dung beetles.  Most of earth's population eats much differently than we do.  Have you ever drunk the milk of a yak, or even a burro or sheep?  Most people in the country in which I live have not even tasted goat milk.  Well, I have and it's wonderful.  Did you even know that raw milk is much better for your health than pasteurized milk?  Well it is, because pasteurizing destroys essential enzymes which is needed for digestion.  Goat milk also has smaller curds than does cows milk, which makes it easier to digest, too. Even raw honey is better for us than is pasteurized honey, as well.

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